Pennsylvania foster family charged with abusing 3 kids

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A Pennsylvania foster family beat and starved three young children over a period of six years, even staging a videotaped fight between two of the children in an effort to cover their tracks, police said.

Brenda Parise, 60, and her daughter, Amy Parise, who is turning 33 on Wednesday, were arrested Monday on felony child endangerment charges and other offenses.

According to a police affidavit, the Parises beat the children — who were 6, 3, and 11 months when they were placed in the home in 2011 — with a belt and paddle and withheld food from them. When the children were fed, they were made to eat cross-legged on the floor with a hand behind the back, and were largely given bologna sandwiches and sometimes chicken, authorities said.

Amy Parise allegedly forced one child to assault a sibling and shot video of the assault in an effort to mislead Luzerne County’s child welfare agency. On another occasion, her mother allegedly dragged a child across the floor. Both women repeatedly gave one of the children a higher-than-prescribed dose of medicine, according to court documents.

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