Patio-door-seal-replacement, weather strip-2 rolls, 1/2 inch wide x 1/4 inch thick foam seal tape high density weatherstripping self adhesive door insulation foam rubber seal strip total 26 feet long(13ft x 2 rolls). Platinum collection door weatherstrip replacement is made from platinum collection door weatherstrip replacement is made from 100% non-toxic recyclable material. with greater durability than existing door seals, keeping heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer has never been easier., windows sealing tape-2 rolls, 1/2 inch wide x 1/2 inch thick weather stripping for windows and doors adhesive soundproofing thick foam tape total 13 feet long(6.5ft x 2 rolls).

Weather stripping for doors 2 rolls 1/2" w x 1/4" t, black foam seal tape for sliding door jamb, front door frame windows insulation, 26 ft length (2 x 13 ft each), we bought all the seals for this early ’90s marvin sliding patio door for about $65 including shipping. replacing the seals is a one-person job, but enlist a friend to help lift the heavy door in and out of the track. you just need a screwdriver, a hammer, hooks and picks, and a putty knife. the entire job takes just a few hours.. Window weather stripping and sliding patio door weatherstripping. the sliding door and window weather stripping fills gaps between the sliding doors and windows and where the sliding door or window comes in contact with the sliding door tracks and sliding door frame or window frame to keep the outside air out and the inside air in., slide-co 112143-7 sliding screen door bug seal, adjustable width, press in fit, black vinyl, pack of 1