Parts-of-a-gas-furnace-system, 4 thoughts on “ gas furnace components and parts explained ” beth september 10, 2019. i have a 12-year-old byrant model 163a/165a furnace. my hvac company tells me i need a new heat exchanger (corroding) and a new blower fan because the blades are starting to crack.. Furnaces that work on gas typically have some common gas furnace parts: a gas manifold, gas burners, heat exchanger, vents, ignition controls, safety controls, and blower motor. the appliance itself resembles a large box that absorbs cold air and cleans it by means of an air filter., these gas valves are components in the furnace that close and open automatically and allow unburned propane or natural gas into the heat exchanger. the automatic gas valve opens when the furnace gets a signal from thermostat for a heat cycle and all other safety conditions are sufficed, thus allowing gas to flow..

A home’s hvac system is responsible for maintaining temperature, regulating humidity and cleaning the air.let’s look at the key parts of the hvac system. furnace, start studying gas furnace components. learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.. Some of the most important parts of your hvac system are your heat exchanger, blower motor, combustion chamber, condenser, evaporator, and thermostat., a gas forced-air heating system goes into action when the thermostat tells it that the room temperature has dropped below a preset comfort level. the thermostat sends a low-voltage electrical signal to a relay in the furnace, which signals a valve to open and deliver natural gas to the burners and for the blower to turn on..

This system is also known as a ducted warm-air or forced warm-air distribution system. the main parts of your furnace are the control system (thermostat and electrical controls), gas valve, burners, heat exchanger, blower, and duct and ventilation system. when your furnace creates heat, combustion gases are vented out of your home via a flue pipe., an efficient hvac system is important to the comfort of your family throughout the seasons of the year, because this climate control device is responsible for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning your home.learn the facts about essential components of your hvac system and find out the role each plays in keeping your household -- and its members -- warm in winter and cool in summer..

On top of the coil is the plenum.this is the first piece of duct work in the system that all others in the supply ducting will originate from. this could be a plenum with one opening big enough to carry the entire amount of needed supply air when located at the far end of a home or it could be a "t" plenum.