Parabolic-trough-reflector-solar-water-heater-green-power, parabolic troughs have concentrated solar power which heats water (fluid) up to 400 degrees c. heating water safe to drink or making steam for electricity.. A parabolic trough is a type of solar thermal collector that is straight in one dimension and curved as a parabola in the other two, lined with a polished metal mirror.the sunlight which enters the mirror parallel to its plane of symmetry is focused along the focal line, where objects are positioned that are intended to be a solar cooker, for example, food is placed at the focal line ..., this solar diy trough mirror produces grid free hot water from energy provided from the sun. http://gre....

Parabolic trough reflector solar water heater green power. metacafe affiliate u subscribe unsubscribe 2 144. 21 may 2009 2 699. share. share video. tweet share on facebook. html-code: copy. add. add to. watch later; add to new playlist... more. report this video as:, parabolic trough solar collector technology is currently the most proven solar thermal collector technology. this is primarily due to the nine plants operating in california's mojave desert since the mid-1980s. in these plants, large fields of parabolic trough collectors supply the thermal energy used to produce steam supplied to a rankine steam turbine-generator cycle to produce electricity..

A simple stainless steel parabolic trough mirror that produces a near perfect linear beam. this mirror was combined with a 30 oz vacuum tube and raised 70f water to 212f in 14 minutes. parabolic..., concentrating solar collectors use shaped mirrors or lens to provide higher temperatures that flat plate collectors. heliostats are tracking mirrors that reflect solar energy onto a fixed target.. Parabolic trough reflector solar water heater green power by greenpowerscience. 10:01. parabolic dish mirror reflector spherical sun parabolic solar cooker reflective aluminum by greenpowerscience. 2:16. parabolic mirror paraboloid homemade solar concentrator p2 diy do it yourself, skip navigation sign in. search