Pal-treo-led-pool-lights, product description the treo led light is a 12vac, 5 watt led underwater light for gunite, vinyl liner, and fiberglass pools with a replaceable led lamp.. Nicheless led light for fiberglass, gunite and vinyl liner pools. compatible with pal commander which provides 12v a/c supply for up to 8 x pal-treo or 8 x pal-2000 2 wire pool lights, ideal for pools, spas, and water features, the treo led light is a 12 vac, 5 watt led underwater light for gunite, vinyl liner, and fiberglass pools. featuring a fully integrated housing and replaceable lamp design, this low profile led fits a standard 1.5" wall fitting..

The pal-treo light is available with a 100,000 hour color change led array that has six lockable colors and two color change modes. the pal-treo will color synchronize with the upcoming 2010 light streams series of water features and becomes a key product in the growing family of 12vac products by s.r. smith., pal-treo the pal-treo led underwater light has a uniquely designed prismatic lens that provides an even beam spread and eliminates ‘bald spots’ or shadows caused by uneven light distribution on pool bottoms and walls. this light installs into 95% of existing wall fittings and is easily installed into standard 1-1/2” wall fittings..

The new treo micro pool light is great for accent lighting and for lighting up small, hard to light areas. get product brochures, data sheets and more., 39-2l254lau pal lighting light, pal-2l2, led array, 12v, 79ft cord, 2 wire, new style the new lau color lock led array lamp now replaces the existing lal lamp.. 79-15253-01 s.r. smith, llc 2014 march2014 treo led light owner’s manual attn: installer – this document is to be left with pool owner for lights equipped with fled-lau-c color changing or fled-lau-w white light only lamps., no more items left for this product. please try again later..

This remote control operated power center was designed to coordinate with the fiberstars pal-treo family of lighting products. “it is a perfect retrofit solution to bring your pool into the brighter, more energy efficient world of led pool lighting and is easily installed.”