Painting-over-varnished-wood-furniture, introduction while painting over varnished wood may seem like an impossible task—using the right tools and proper technique can cover the outdated surface and give it a fresh new look. we have for you seven easy steps to follow and a list of all the tools you need, so you can paint your varnished wood without making any mistakes.. Sand the stained or varnished furniture using 220-grit sandpaper. sandpaper helps add texture to smooth, varnished surfaces for easier painting. step 2 wash the sanded surface using a trisodium phosphate cleanser., you can easily get rid of the varnish and give a wooden item or surface an instant upgrade. wash your item, fill in any uneven spots with wood putty, and sand the surface. apply 1-2 coats of primer, let it dry, then apply 2-3 coats of water-based paint..

Painting over varnished rehab: painting over varnished wood smashed . how to paint over varnish: 8 steps with pictures wikihow. how to paint over varnish hunker. the best inspiration, feb 26, 2014 - so here is my first ever furniture rehab project ever! it was so fun and easy and i can’t believe i waited this long to rehab something. i think it was all the sanding, priming and painting i had heard about that was freaking me out. does that freak you out too? ugh, i just ….

While possible, painting over wood varnish comes with good and bad news. the good news is that painting over varnished wood is possible using either oil or water-based paints. you can replace the older, darker look with something new, vibrant, or whatever you want, like some cool graffiti art if it’s your style., zinsser products properly seal and prime woodstained or varnished surfaces quickly and without the back-breaking sanding you might expect; for decoration, the finish coat is available in over 350 colours in matt, satin and semi-gloss finishes, easily matching existing company branding themes and existing interior décor. step 1.