Painting-over-gold-frames, diy: how to paint over a gold mirror frame. you will need:-fusion mineral paint; paint brush; masking tape; clean the gold mirror by wiping off any dust and removing any grease marks.. Frames gold leaf mirror painting grand c venice italy 23 karat gold golden inspirations gold leaf painting geometric heart frame the s pe cream frame …, regal gold frame 20 canvas art versailles gold frame 20 canvas art framed oil painting water lilies antique shadowbox oil paintings with china handmade landscape …. Painting a gold mirror frame with silver metallic model paint., a few weeks ago, i was in the neiman marcus in las vegas and fell in love with some gorgeous frames that {of course} were crazy expensive. the teeny tiny frames started at $90.00! yikes!! what was so incredible about the frames is they had this amazing layered metallic/taupe-ish finish mixed with a white wash/cement-y look with small areas around the frame with touches of gilded/gold leaf..

Tape paper, such as computer printer paper or old newspaper, over the surface of the mirror with blue painter's tape, covering it completely. don't tape over any part of the frame. 2 place a..., by sliding paper in between the mirror and its frame, you can protect the mirror from getting stained by the paint. tape the paper in place and lay your mirror outside on a bed of newsprint. spray on two coats of your chosen color, letting dry in between. for more details, visit […].

This diy photo frame makeover with chalk paint is super easy and will update any old frame you might have lying around. over the past year we have moved things around, changed out art work, updated paint colors but one thing that was missing was our family pictures. i still have lots of them upstairs […], i love how the new frames complement the rest of my bedroom decor, as you walk into the room. this really is my favorite wall in the house! post contains hand selected products, with some affiliate marketing links {full disclosure here} . how-to spray paint picture frames.

Lara roberts from roberts vintage frames shares all her tips and tricks on how to use chalk paint to paint a picture frame. laura is also a member of our home decorating, upcycling and diy facebook group. if you would like to share a project to be featured on this site, you can do so here.