Paint-for-marble-surfaces, apply a thin coat of chalk paint to the marble, keeping a wet edge. let the paint dry for about 48 hours -- longer if it is cold or if there is a lot of humidity in the air. chalk paint's longer-than-usual drying time will give you time to decide whether to apply a second coat.. Prime the marble with an oil-based primer. be sure to select an oil-based primer, or the paint won’t stick to the surface of the marble. use a paint brush or roller to thinly coat the entire surface of the area you want to paint. use long, even strokes in the same direction to prime the marble., it took me 4 coats to completely cover the preexisting marble. while you need to let each coat dry for about an hour before applying the next, if you wait too long (i think over 2-3 hours, instructions will specify) you will have to wait until it has completely cured ( about 4 days) to apply another coat..

If the marble is located in a place that is susceptible to high amounts of moisture or water, the marble should not be painted. marble with a high level of direct contact during use also should not be painted. a urethane-based primer should be used before providing the topcoat. both marble tiles as well as marble slabs can be painted., annie shows you how to paint a marble surface using chalk paint®! as marble tends to be shiny, annie recommends starting with a thin coat of chalk paint®. painting marble isn't something everyone....

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Cultured marble is slick and i needed good adhesion…a water based primer isn’t going to fly here. a small roller and brush did great. the other key is to use a really good enamel topcoat. i had most of a quart of the behr semi gloss…a great one to use is ben moore waterborne…great paint for this project., examine the marble surface for stains. if you find any, make a paste of baking soda and water. dab the paste onto the stain, and cover it with plastic wrap. let the solution sit on the marble for 24 hours, giving the baking soda time to absorb the stain before you wipe it up with a damp cloth..

Wipe the marble after sanding with a damp cloth to remove the sanding dust, then pat with a dry cloth to remove any moisture. place a strip of masking tape along the edge of any adjacent surfaces to protect from the paint. place a drop cloth on the floor beneath the vanity to protect the floor from spills as well.