Paint-cedar-shake-siding, any common paint sprayer should be able to quickly coat cedar shakes. the trick is to keep the paint from getting all over the place in the process. use a large cardboard box to create a m akeshift spray booth for your paint gun. first, apply a coat of paint to one side of each shake and let them dry.. See how the pros sand, prep, prime and paint a cedar shingle home. all done by hand to ensure full coverage. a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process. monk's home improvements in ..., exterior grade acrylic-latex paint is the most dependable finish in terms of protecting cedar. the type of finish selected is driven by style preference. for many owners, painted cedar siding is a particular style; it is not all about protection. in many markets, like new england for example, painted siding is the preferred look..

Painting bare cedar shakes that are already installed is very hard, and can lead to other pesky problems down the road. one of the issues of painting cedar shakes after they are installed is that you don't get paint on critical parts of the shakes that can get wet. the gap between the shakes acts like a miniature funnel in a driving rainstorm., cedar shakes are cedar shingles that naturally weather and are resistant to decay. like most wooden shingles, however, especially when painted, they require care and maintenance over the course of time. the paint will begin to peel and the shingles may become stained and they will need to be repainted..

The best choice of paint to use for cedar wood is urethane-acrylic house paint. choose your primer based on what the paint manufacturer recommends to use. you will need approximately 1 gallon of each, paint and primer, for every 400 square feet., cedar shake siding isn’t hard to maintain if you are well planned. no matter you are staining or painting weathered cedar siding, if you do the following steps in the proper order, you will maximize your results..

Cedar is a popular material for shingles and siding because natural oils in its heartwood (the dark red wood at the center of the tree) make it resistant to the weather and hungry insects. even unpainted, cedar will last for years. painting cedar, however, calls for some preparation., apply the wood cleaner to the cedar siding using a paint brush or roller. reach the high areas or apply cleaner to the less-dirty areas using a roller with an extension pole, which doesn't allow you to apply as much pressure or elbow grease as a paint brush. step 4 let the cleaner sit on the cedar siding for 15 to 30 minutes..

Gord and matt from pro palette painting show how the pros do it in this video. gord uses the sprayer to lay down a foundation, getting into all the cracks. matt comes behind with a big fluffy ...