Paint-booth-make-up-air-heaters, we feature heated air replacement units designed for both fuel efficiency and ease of operation. air makeup units (amus) deliver filtered heated air evenly throughout your spray booth or building.. Loaded with safety and design features, the sure-cure air makeup units are built with quality and unsurpassed excellence. the amus provide gas-heated warm air inside your paint booth to speed curing time and replace the exhausted air. booth exhaust systems use up large volumes of air from the space that it is installed., marathon's automotive spray paint booth heat systems. offering standard models as well as custom design, build, and installations. 800-919-9035.

Spray booth heater, paint booth heater. introduction. rammstein means battering ram. battering rams were used to break down old, fortified, entrenched positions in the middle ages and to usher in change., standard tools and equipment co. was established in 1979 to service the auto body and collision repair industry. manufacturing paint booths since 1997, we provide paint booths to automotive body shops, automobile repair and restoration shops, institutional (government, education) and industrial markets.. Our spay booth is a non-pressurized car booth, meaning the air from the air make up is dumped in front of the filters outside the intake end of the booth. we are in canada, so our winter heating requirements are significant. our heater is about 970,000 btu and can raise the air temperature by a maximum of 90 degrees f., air make-up units replace contaminated air exhausted from industrial and commercial buildings or spray booths, with heated outdoor air. amus maintain a constant leaving-air temperature regardless of the incoming, outdoor air temperature. air make-up units replenish equal amounts of fresh air for every cubic foot of air exhausted..

Extra the extra high-performance spray booth for brilliant results world the dynamic performance booth for painting specialists world/s the booth for high-quality finishes genius hi-tech areas for vehicle finishing preparation space saver the booth that increases productivity while reducing space, costs and effort space extra-large modular booth, tailor-made for your industry paint mixing room ..., spray tech / junair manufactures highly efficient direct-fired gas furnaces, which convert 98% of the fuel into heat. we also offer an 80% re-circulation system to further increase fuel efficiency. variable frequency drives (vfd’s) are used to balance air pressure, extend exhaust motor life, and increase energy savings..

C rossing air-tech systems and zhongda spray booth have manufactured insulated or single skin galvanized panel spray booth and air make up unit. crossing air tech system (canada) inc. manufactures direct gas-fired industrial air heaters completely in canada and this product is approved by etl in the year of 2004.