Paddleboard yoga helps people loosen SUP | Local News

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Pellegrino guides the class through vinyasa flows and several poses, from the relaxed downward dog and child’s poses to ones that require more balance and stamina, like the wheel pose and the sarvangasana, or shoulderstand. 

The class is beginner-level, Pellegrino said, but much more intense than regular floor yoga, requiring substantial core strength and focus.

“Even the simple poses are a totally different experience,” she said. “It demands more of your attention and pushes you into that meditative state.”

For Oneonta resident and first-time class participant Mikala Gallo, maintaining balance in the water is tricky but rewarding.

Gallo, who has been practicing yoga on and off for about five years, said she started to tear up at the end of class, having reached a point of crowning release in the exercise that “everything was all coming out.”

Release is one of the objectives of the practice, Pellegrino said, and stretching is one of the best ways to achieve it.

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