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The pool waters at the Oneonta Family YMCA — usually teeming with members swimming laps or attending classes in aqua aerobics and deepwater aqua fitness; young swimmers taking lessons or practicing with one of three teams, or simply recreating with family — remained still Sunday afternoon, though the pool was not empty.

Six women perched atop pink and white foam boards, eight feet long and tethered to the lane lines with bungee cords, following the instruction of Vanessa Pellegrino in stand-up paddleboard yoga.

Though only offered at the Oneonta YMCA for two years, stand-up paddleboard yoga — affectionately referred to by Y members as “SUP yoga” — is not a new phenomenon.

Pellegrino, who has been teaching yoga for three years but practicing for several more, said she first tried paddleboard yoga five years ago near her home on Long Island.

The practice is not exclusive to beaches, some groups practice in Otsego Lake in the summer months, she said.

Class participants, diverse in both age and experience levels, wear swimsuits but do not get wet, exercising comfortably just above the surface of the 80-degree water. Gentle, serene sounds of organ and string music fill the atmosphere — a balmy 79 degrees, according to the poolside chalkboard posting.

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