Overhead-door-legacy-wireless-keypad, entry to your home is even easier with an overhead door™ digital wireless keypad. no need for remote controllers or keys. the overhead door™ digital wireless keypad provides secure door entry for up to three overhead door ® ​ garage door openers.. Overhead door - wireless garage door opener keypad - weather-resistant - okp-bx - white,1 pack, digital wireless keypad: our digital wireless keypad provides secure door entry without remote control or key for up to three overhead door garage door openers with codedodger the new flip-up cover design is available and features larger, lighted keypad buttons.. Overhead door wireless keyless entry (expedited shipping) code dodger wireless keyless entry (keypad) with a white flip up cover. compatible with all overhead door code dodger (abbreviation: cd, cd/a or cd/b) and all genie intellicode garage door openers. this keyless entry features a lighted..., this page displays legacy compatible garage door keyless entry systems: garage door opener wireless keypad, legacy compatible keypad covers, legacy compatible battery cover, legacy compatible replacement slide down cover, legacy compatible garage door keypads, and legacy compatible garage door receivers that are for sale, in stock, and ready to ship..

Keypad model owk-bx and model okp-bx. just like our garage doors and openers, our support is the best in the business. some say that our support puts the “genuine” in our motto, “the genuine., overhead door wireless key pad programming instructions. overhead door key pad programming instructions. in speaking with our customers on a daily basis, it is clear that there can be confusion over how to program an overhead door code dodger key pad..

First, you must understand that the new overhead door wireless keypads are set from the manufacturer in what is referred to as series ii mode. a series ii keypad simply means that it automatically seeks and transmits at the most optimal radio frequency. this feature eliminates the possibility of radio interference and ensures optimal operation., step 1 press and hold the "prog" button on your wireless keypad. then press and hold the "6" key and the key with the up and down triangles. release the buttons at the same time to reset the keypad..

Step 1-1 mount wireless keypad on a flat vertical surface with enough room above to slide cover up. pick location out of path of moving garage door and supporting hardware. step 1-2 slide keypad cover up and pull off wireless keypad. slide off battery cover and remove battery.