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Classes at Fontenelle Forest typically draw 40 participants, according to the forest’s spokeswoman. Lauritzen Gardens caps classes at 17 participants.

“You don’t have to feel so intimidated,” McKeone said. “It’s nice to step out of a studio and to try a different location whether its a brewery or the forest.”

McKeone has instructed at the forest for about four years and is in her first year at the gardens. Studios offer a more formal setting and deeper knowledge of yoga, McKeone said. But the nontraditional settings, especially ones connected to nature, can be more relaxing. Both settings offer a chance to connect with other yogis.

“People come to yoga because they hear the physical benefits and the mental benefits. But what I hear more and more is that people come for the sense of community,” McKeone said. “Special places like the forest and gardens bring together like-minded people.”

During the winter months, yogis gather inside around the fireplace at Fontenelle Forest. In warmer weather, they find their flow on the outdoor plaza. The same is true at Lauritzen Gardens.

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