Outdoor-ceiling-fan-in-pergola, electrical equipment should always be properly isolated, especially if it’s located in an outdoor environment. plastic is the ideal option for hydro-isolation and you might find a high-quality plastic sheet at places like plastic whol esale.. it’s important that you cover the fan with something that will last throughout heavy rain seasons.. When installing a ceiling fan in an uncovered location such as a pergola, lanai or gazebo it is important to use a wet rated outdoor ceiling fan. it is also important that the junction box is either inside of a box or attached to a board so that the canopy or top of the fan is covered. the rest of the fan can be left exposed to the rain., i'm would like to mount an outdoor fan in a pergola in an attractive way. in the first photo i like how the junction box (?) is hidden. everything i can think of doing is going to end up looking l....

To easily add an outdoor fan to your pergola during installation, or in the future, make sure to add a fan block when ordering any of our pergola kits., are you looking for the best outdoor ceiling fan to use on your porch, deck, patio, or pergola? has compiled the best outdoor ceiling fans by category and location. receive free shipping on orders over $40!.

We had two older 1980's broan fans, one that worked just fine but the plastic cover was yellowing and one that we replaced with a new model that fit into the existing hole and used the 14ga. wire and 15amp circuit. once we saw how nicely the cover looked compared to the older one's we tried the new cover on the old fan and it works just fine., i am going to be putting two ceiling fans on our pergola out back and want to get some feedback on exactly how to do so. the top is 2x2 slats spaced 2" with 2x10 joists underneath. my neighbor.

Shop outdoor ceiling fans in multiple sizes and designer styles to make your outside living area more comfortable and sophisticated. discover a variety of wet-rated, damp-rated, and weatherproof fans to perfectly complement porches, patios, decks, and other outdoor spaces at hunter., atlanta decking and fence offers a smart tip for adding a ceiling fan to a pergola. if the top of the pergola can be viewed from a second-floor window, route wires or conduit for a ceiling fan to hide them.