Oregon Governor Responds to Preacher: Yoga Is Good Enough for Me

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown today responded to evangelist Franklin Graham’s prayer that she accept Jesus as her savior, saying she practices yoga.

“I believe very much that each of us is a spiritual being, and that’s how I see the world,” Brown told a group of reporters today when asked about Graham’s Aug. 5 sermon in Clackamas County.

That means she practices yoga, which can be a spiritual practice but is generally a secular practice in the west.

“Let’s pray for your governor, Gov. Brown,” Graham said. “Wouldn’t it be something if she got saved? Amen.…We pray for Kate Brown. And Lord, I pray that she would come to know your son Jesus Christ as her lord and savior one day.”

Graham, the son of renowned evangelist Franklin Graham, delivered his prayer in the context of a sermon in which he extorted Oregon Christians to get involved in politics to fight against secularism and progressives. He then preached on the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, and asked people to repent and accept Christ.

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