NYC goat yoga reportedly cancelled due to health department concerns

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Goat yoga was created in Oregon two years ago as a type of animal therapy. Since then, more than 200 similar offerings have cropped up around the country, including at Gilbertsville Farmhouse, the company that operates NY Goat Yoga. Last year, they began offering their 45-minute classes (and three-day yoga retreats) at their farm, about three-and-a-half hours from the city.

The farmhouse had planned to drive eight of their goats — including four month-old newcomers named after “Grease” characters — into New York City every week for the classes.

Goats are not permitted to stay in any city building, according to city regulations. But Sharon Boustani, the owner of NY Goat Yoga told The Post last week that the health department was open to evaluating goat-related pleas on a “case-by-case basis.” During that interview, Boustani said that her company had arranged for the goats to be considered an exhibit, which is permissible.

The biggest permit hurdle, Boustani said, was allowing the goats to roam freely during classes. She was working with the department of health to allow the goats to mingle among the yogis, but it appears that plan fell through.

“If we moved forward, the classes would be a disappointment to our customers and would not be anything remotely close to a goat yoga experience,” the email says.

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