Now, yoga can help battle binge-watching

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“The other, more recently introduced forms of yoga focus on body, energy and stamina. However, we have still stuck to the traditional and holistic approach, that covers physical, emotional, mental, interpersonal, and spiritual health. It is applied science. When a person is not happy, sickness creeps in. Traditional or ‘ashtanga’ yoga (eight-fold path of yoga) is about living every moment, and not just the two hours of exercise people do,” said Hansa J Yogendra, TYI director.

Regarding treatment to cure binge watching, Hrishi said the research was first tested on volunteers and teachers from the institute who have shown signs of addiction. “We first believe in testing on our own selves. We have been working with behavioral scientists, psychiatrists, doctors and yoga experts who were part of the research. We look to address this neuro-scientifically. Bad habits need to be replaced with good habits because habits don’t just die out,” Hrishi said. “The course will last six months, including training, lectures and asanas. The idea is to help people channelise their energy into something positive.”

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