Now, yoga can help battle binge-watching

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There may soon be a new way of fighting mobile and binge watching addiction: Yoga. The Yoga Institute, the oldest institute of its kind in the world, is about to start a course to battle binge watching, and expects to have it underway by March this year.

“Without even realising, people are addicted to binge watching. We are starting a de-addiction programme on this. Binge watching takes away several hours of the day and causes relationship issues. It also results in strained eyes, bad posture, spine problems, etc. Our research is on, and we would be able to start a course by March,” said Hrishi Yogendra, assistant director of Santacruz-based The Yoga Institute (TYI). Founded in 1918, the institute witnesses over 2,000 visitors daily, and prides itself on the traditional way of teaching yoga.

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