Nothing I Do Will Ever Be As Grand As That Last Motorcycle Ride With My True Love

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And we’re junkies, you know? We were different. We were fucking freaks. People crossed the street when they saw me. And her. She was a prostitute. She was a fucking drug addict. I mean all the shit that— you know what I’m talking about, some of you— I can tell.

So this was amazing. We’re riding around this hospice with this morphine pole fucking dangling. And all the staff comes out, and they’re watching us, and they’re cheering us on.

And then I hear the pole fall. And I think she fell off the back, but, no, she unhooked the morphine bag, which means, “I want to go out on the street a little bit.”

So I take her out on the street a little bit. And then she just put her arm around my belly and started rubbing, and she said, “Can we go on the highway?”

And I thought of all that we’d been through and all the suffering.

And I said, “Yeah, we could do that.”

So we got on I-95. And I had it up to eighty. And she was just screaming with happiness. Morphine bag was flapping over her head.

And that wind— I always imagined the wind on a bike making you feel free, you know? It’s so powerful. And for 10 minutes we were normal, and that wind just blew all the death off of us.

I promised her when she died that for the rest of my life I was gonna live for her. I mean, really live.

But nothing I’ll ever do will ever be that grand again.

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