Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins breaks ratings record

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A professional rugby union player, Cummins came with a built-in fanbase. As did last year’s Bachelorette star, Sophie Monk: singer, actor, model and participant in two previous reality shows.

When The Bachelor first aired on Ten, in 2013, it was billed as an opportunity for “ordinary” people to find love. In its first week on air, its ratings sank and it was bumped from its prime Sunday slot.

Eventually, viewers twigged to the show’s true appeal: catfights, archaic gender relations and a dry-ice lovemaking aesthetic that makes The Bold and the Beautiful feel as bleak as a Lars von Trier film.

Exhibit A for Australia's national fake tan shortage.
Exhibit A for Australia’s national fake tan shortage.

Photo: Channel 10

Judging by the ratings, we prefer to watch young marketing consultants compete for the attention of minor celebrities as opposed to strangers falling in love.

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