New form of yoga stretches out to Centerville

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If you’re thinking about sampling a yoga class, we may have one to check out.

Homegrown Yoga in Warner Robins is putting a fresh twist on the exercise.

13WMAZ reporter Nicole Butler takes us into the class that’s stretching imaginations.

Owner of Homegrown Yoga, Rachel Garrity said they’ll be letting goats in on their lessons.

She said don’t worry, you aren’t the only one thinking that goat and yoga sounds ‘udder-ly’ ridiculous.

“I was wondering why goats as well before we had our first class, and I think it’s because goats are very similar to a lot of other pets we have at our house, so they are cuddly and friendly and want to hang out with you, but they are also novel enough that it’s something different. We have found it has brought in people who would’ve never walked into a yoga studio,” Garrity said.

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