Namaste … for the wine: Yoga participants raise a glass following yoga class at Chesterton winery | Get Healthy

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Like most pubs or bars, Running Vines Winery in Chesterton pairs its wine with events to engage customers — painting, trivia, small food plates, etc.
But this winery also offers yoga.

“I’m very committed to fitness and health, before owning the winery I was a personal trainer. Finding balance but still enjoying life is the utmost importance to me,” owner Nicki Caylor said.
Running Vines Winery opened in 2015 and has since hosted fun runs as well as yoga.
“I started the yoga and wine class because I wanted to offer something a little different than running. Running isn’t for everyone,” Caylor said. “Yoga is something I’ve been personally trying to get into practicing and also, it’s low impact.”
Students take an hourlong class in the winery’s cellar and then go upstairs to have a glass of wine or a wine tasting. Each student leaves with a souvenir wine glass.

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