Mike Jackson has ‘no reservations punching Daniel Bryan in the face’

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Following Mike Jackson’s victory over CM Punk at UFC 225, current WWE superstar Daniel Bryan called him out. Jackson is all about it.

Mike Jackson has gotten a lot of attention following his unanimous decision victory over former WWE superstar CM Punk. In fact, a current WWE superstar is willing to throw his name in the hat to be Jackson’s next opponent.

In a video posted on social media, Daniel Bryan says that he would be interested in taking on Jackson in the Octagon. When asked by a fan about whether or not he could take Jackson in the Octagon, Bryan felt pretty confident, especially if the fight hits the mat.

“I could beat him on the ground for sure, I think,” said Bryan.

Bryan’s wife Brie Bella seemed all about it, and then his sister-in-law, Nikki Bella is heard off-screen saying “prove it”.

“If WWE let me fight in the UFC, maybe.,” Bryan responded.

Jackson, who is now 1-1 in the UFC following his UFC 225 victory, isn’t sure what his next step is. He, like many, was surprised by the call-out after he defeated a former WWE superstar in Punk.

“It’s legit crazy,” Jackson told FanSided MMA about sharing the Octagon with Punk. “It’s something I’m happy about. Like, I’m with it. It’s definitely something you get to share. Not only is it a career-changing moment, but it’s a life-changing moment. I’m not going the Mickey Gall route so it’s a little bit different. Gall is taking a different path than I am. For me, it’s the Punk fight and now I got Daniel Bryan calling me out. I was like ‘What?’ People are on different paths and it’s a crazy life I’m living right now.

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