Men say they sexually harass women because it’s fun, in new survey from Promundo.

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In virtually each country the survey touched, better-educated males have been extra more likely to say they’ve harassed ladies than their less-educated counterparts. This was an sudden end result for Promundo researchers, NPR reports, as a result of males with more schooling often have more progressive views about ladies and their place in society. One researcher proposed to NPR that these males may need excessive expectations for their very own achievements however see themselves as failures because of excessive unemployment and an incapability to maintain their households protected from political unrest. They could harass ladies “to place them of their place” because “the world owes them,” the researcher instructed.

Ladies surveyed usually reported greater ranges of sexual harassment than males admitted, from 40 % in Palestine and 57 % in Lebanon to 60 % in Egypt. (For comparison, in a nationally representative 2014 survey, 65 percent of U.S. women reported enduring public harassment.) Populations of different nations diversified extensively of their opinions about how and when ladies are responsible for the harassment they endure. Almost two-thirds of both men and women in Palestine stated provocatively dressed ladies need to be heckled, whereas 52 % of men and 43 % of girls say ladies out in public at night time are “asking to be harassed.” Almost a third of Palestinian men and 23 % of Palestinian ladies stated ladies with out headscarves “need to be insulted.” In Egypt, 74 % of males and 84 % of girls would blame a lady for being harassed if she dressed provocatively; in Morocco, those figures are 72 and 78 %, respectively. More than half of Moroccan ladies stated ladies who exit at night time are asking for harassment.