Martial arts master, mentor commemorated

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As the number of students increased, the store front space became too small, so Lin designed a larger studio and moved to the new location at 427 Adams SE in 1988.

Lin was first diagnosed with brain cancer in 2003. He was treated and back teaching in less than two months. The cancer returned in 2014 and subsequent surgeries and treatments resulted in the left side of his body being impaired. Lin was no longer able to perform martial arts as he had done before, but he continued to teach and serve as an invaluable resource of knowledge for his students.

Lin formally retired in 2017 and a group of 18 of his students pooled their money to purchase the studio.

In addition to his wife, Synthia, Lin is survived by daughters, Vanessa and Tiffany; her husband Nathan; grandchildren, Alice and Adam; mother, Zhou Zhu-Hong; brothers, Lin Shi-Yao and Lin Shi-Liang; and sisters, Lin Ming-Zhen and Lin Fan-Zhen.