Mapmygenome ties up with brain optimisation platform

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“Total Brain’s offering is the perfect complement to our Genomepatri report and is very much in line with our focus on preventative healthcare through healthy habits,” Mapmygenome CEO, Anu Acharya, said.

“Core brain capacities and mental conditions are not objectively measured or monitored, leading to a variety of issues for people at home and at work.” CEO of Total Brain, Louis Gagnon, said.

“We are pleased to offer a free trial of our platform to Mapmygenome users, enabling them to pro-actively monitor their brain health and train healthy brain habits.”

Total Brain, the world’s first brain optimisation platform powered by the largest standardised brain database, has over 600,000 registered users. Its SaaS platform helps people scientifically measure and optimise their brain capacities, while managing the risk of impairment by common mental conditions, the release added.

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