Man has Creme Egg-sized brain tumour removed while wide awake

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‘In the first couple of days I thought it would be a permanent thing.

‘It has been quite a stressful time. I walked in thinking it was going to be nothing that I was having brain surgery but I was quite naive about it.’

But Matt is refusing to let his brain tumour slow him down and is planning a series of gruelling physical challenges to raise money for a homeless shelter where he lives in Hull.

He completed outreach work with the Hull Homeless Community Project during his diagnosis, and said he wants to pay back the support he received from the charity.

The low-grade glioma brain tumour needed urgent surgery after doctors discovered it in January (Picture: Hull Daily Mail/MEN)

‘I’ve been doing outreach stuff and going out and meeting rough sleepers for around a year and I was already going to do some fundraising for them before this all happened,’ Matt said.

‘People keep telling me to take a break and have a minute after my surgery but I’m going to go full-steam ahead.

Pensioner ‘fined £50 for littering after dropping crumbs from pork pie’‘I want to give back to the project and hammer the fundraising.

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