Low-Carb Vs. Low-Fat Diet Debate: Let’s Settle It

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What is a healthy low-fat diet?

A low-fat diet involves limiting total fat and saturated fat, followed not only by people who want to lose weight but also those who have trouble digesting fat. People following low-fat diets are often recommended to forgo higher-fat dairy products, such as whole milk, whole milk cheeses, cheesy sauces, sour cream, and whipped cream. Unsurprisingly, sweet creamy products like ice cream often get slashed. A healthy low-fat diet emphasizes many fruits, vegetables, and legumes, as well as low-fat dairy options and low-fat cooking methods for meat, such as grilling. Some very low-fat diets may even restrict some healthy fats — such as oils, nuts, and seeds. Certain lean cuts of meat that contain fat may also be banned in some cases, depending on the individual’s specific needs. It’s worth remembering that — much like with a low-carb diet — just because a food is low-fat doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good for you; for instance, soda is low-fat and few people would ever call that healthy.

What do healthy low-carb and healthy low-fat diets have in common?

Gardner said the main takeaway from his recent study is that the core strategy to losing weight with a low-carb or a low-fat diet is not so different after all. Indeed, both eating plans have many important similarities; both emphasize consuming less sugar and refined flour. Eating whole foods rather than those that have been processed is crucial. And of course, eating as many vegetables as possible is vital to any healthy diet you and your doctor choose. “On both sides, we heard from people who had lost the most weight that we had helped them change their relationship to food, and that now they were more thoughtful about how they ate,” said Gardner. Hard to argue with that!

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