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At numerous times in her life, Karen Ratcliff has noticed the positive impact of yoga in her life.

Born and raised in Ellensburg, Ratcliff created for herself to practice yoga while attending Ellensburg High School.

She’s always been intrigued by aerial yoga, but couldn’t find classes or lessons in the community.

After recognizing this need, on Wednesday officially Ratcliff launched her studio, Sky City Trapeze and Yoga to the public.

“I got back into yoga a year and a half, two years ago and the trapeze, I’ve always been into aerial yoga, I wanted to try it, but the problem is there’s nowhere around here that offers anything remotely like that,” Ratcliff said. “The closest place to my knowledge is Seattle or Olympia.”

Ratcliff, who is a busy mom, realized she needed something of her own and decided to start practicing yoga at home again.

She wanted something to help improve body positivity.

“I‘d spent so much time giving into my children which isn’t a problem because my life is dedicated to my children,” Ratcliff said.

This year she came across an advertisement on Instagram about trying the yoga trapeze and went for it.

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