L&K Saatchi & Saatchi creates campaign for anti-MNC Indian yoga guru’s apparel range

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Patanjali Ayurved, an Indian consumer goods brand led by yoga guru Baba Ramdev, has made its first foray into apparel with a brand called Paridhan.

The launch campaign has been created by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi and focuses on ‘Indiapan’, a colloquial way of referring to Indianness.

In the lead up to the launch, Ramdev had promised a clothing range that would be more suited to Indian consumers; accusing clothing brands — both local and global — of having too much of a Western orientation and focus.

The film addresses what it believes are the misgivings many Indians, particularly those in urban areas, have about indigenous clothing with lines like ‘why not wear a dhoti to a disco or a sari to the beach’. It recommends Indians ‘take pride in their roots’.

The strategy continues Ramdev’s aggressive anti-multinational stance, which kicked into high gear during his concerted FMCG foray earlier this decade.

Gaining a vast following through his television appearances, the guru leveraged his popularity to create one of India’s youngest FMCG brands. It claims revenues of over US $1 billion (Rs 8,135 crore) and profits of US $74 million (Rs 529 crore).

The politically well connected guru has gone on record mocking his multinational competitors and making statements about“closing the gate of Colgate” and “ruining the lever of Unilever”.

Speaking about the motivations driving the campaign for the apparel range, Patanjali Paridhan CEO KN Singh said: “India was once one of the biggest exporters of clothing, textile and styles. We have moved to adopting too much of western clothing and styling.

“The aim is to bring the focus and interest back to Indian clothing. Our prices are at least 60% less than international brands.”

L&K Saatchi & Saatchi’s managing partner Anil K Nair said: “The brand is built on a strong foundation of values that include pride and respect for our cultural identity, being comfortable in our own skin, celebration of our rich heritage, providing value for money, and being aspirational.

“And also moving public consciousness from a western-fashion-orientation to ‘desi coolness and swag’.”

L&K Saatchi & Saatchi executive creative director Ashish Naik added: “It was a pleasure to shoot this campaign as the clothes were vibrant and captured the true essence of India’s diversity. The beautiful locations added to the charm of the campaign.”

The campaign will run on TV, print, outdoor, radio and digital including social media.


Managing partner: Anil K. Nair

CCO: Delna Sethna

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