Liverpool loves its cuppas – Here are 9 ways tea can boost your health

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Whether it’s an infused brew at LEAF on Bold Street, a cuppa and a cake at Neighbourhood Cafe on Woolton Road, or just tea and biccies in front of the telly, we really do love a good cuppa in Liverpool.

While sipping a soothing brew might seem like the most ordinary thing in the world, it could be doing some pretty extraordinary things for your health.

That comforting cuppa isn’t only helping you keep hydrated and unwind for a moment or two, it’s packed full of nutrition – and there’s lots of science backing this up.

Check out our 12 favourite tea rooms on Merseyside here.

Cardiovascular disease kills 150,000 people a year in the UK and accounts for 26% of all deaths, but new evidence suggests drinking four to five cups of black or green tea a day improves cardiovascular function, lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke. It also lowers cholesterol and damps down inflammation, which can contribute to heart disease and other serious health problems.

The new Tea Advisory Panel findings are based on a review of more than 40 studies. TAP’s Dr Chris Etheridge, a co-author of the review, says: “There has been a large body of anecdotal and observational evidence suggesting tea protects against heart disease, but our review of the latest studies and trials confirms there is a clear benefit.”

Dietitian Dr Carrie Ruxton explains that high levels of natural polyphenol compounds, plus some fluoride and caffeine, give black tea many health benefits. “We often get lured into buying expensive ‘functional’ foods and drinks, when most of us already have an inexpensive health drink in our kitchen cupboard in the form of a tea bag,” she says.

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