Leslie Salmon Jones of Afro Flow Yoga on Looking to Her Roots for Inspiration and the Importance of Inclusion

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Photo: Axel Heben Streit/courtesy of Afro Flow Yoga

Raise the roof: Afro Flow Yoga co-founder Leslie Salmon Jones gets people moving in Indonesia

Afro Flow Yoga, a fusion of meditation, yoga, the dances of the African diaspora, and live music, returns to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum on Saturday, Nov. 10. The ticketed class is open to the public, and all levels are welcome.

Founded by married couple Leslie Salmon Jones and Jeff W Jones, Afro Flow Yoga is currently celebrating its 10th season. The unique method is extremely popular, with ongoing classes in Boston and New York City, special events like the Gardner workshops, and retreats around the world.

Regular classes take place in Boston at The Dance Complex and Northeastern Crossing, with plans to expand in 2019 into Roxbury. In New York City, classes take place twice a month at the Ailey Extension, taught by an Afro Flow Yoga-certified instructor.

Inquisitive and searching for meaning even at the age of 13, co-founder Leslie attended a performance of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and felt a profound spiritual connection. The event led to Leslie, as a young adult, studying modern, Afro-Caribbean dance, ballet, and yoga at the Ailey School in New York City as part of a full-time, two-year intensive certification program. She is equal parts enthusiast, dancer, yogi, healer, and educator. Husband and co-founder Jeff, an experienced yogi and mover, plays 11 instruments and sings.

Photo: Amadi-Obi Kelechi/courtesy of Afro Flow Yoga

Strike a pose: Leslie and husband Jeff take their Afro Flow Yoga on the road—1600 Pennsylvania Ave., to be exact

The Boston-based entrepreneurial couple met while working on various fitness and dance projects. As they collaborated, they found they shared a deep longing to connect with their forbearers.

In the mid-’90s, Jeff and I both felt a need to explore our roots. We took an extended trip to West Africa, where we studied the history of African enslavement and the connections to our music and dance. —Leslie Salmon Jones

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