Leisure-bay-spa-heater-not-working, something in the spa is telling the heater not to turn on. this is most likely because there is lack of water flowing across the heater. one thing it may be is a clogged filter. the first thing to try is to remove the filter (s) and try running the spa while without any filter, this should allow the heater to kick on.. Leisure bay spa, heater not turning on. heat light come on but no voltage at heater posts. checked resistance of - answered by a verified pool and spa expert, a spa heater relies on sufficient water flow to operate. a pressure switch, screwed into the heater chamber, senses when the water flow is too low to properly protect the heater. pressure switches break the electrical circuit powering the heater element, and the heater shuts down when the water flow is insufficient..

Step 1 : hi limit switch trips (heater re-set button) assuming that everything else is working properly (i.e. spa is set in the heater/filter cycle and water is flowing from the jets), the first thing you will look for is the hi-limit switch, also referred to as the heater reset finding it can sometimes be a problem, it’s as if it was purposely put it in a hard to find place ..., ice cold hot tub water. you’ve got no heat, no matter what. first, check your water level. then, look for clogs in your circulation system, and wash or change your filter. while these may seem like mundane solutions, they’re also the quickest and least expensive, so always try them first..

Firstly, and easiest. check that you have enough water level in your hot tub. hot tubs lose water through evaporation. and displacement (ie. if you jump in and water splashes out)., rec warehouse carries a complete line of replacement heaters, elements, and parts for all spa and hot tub brands. call our customer service department at 800-506-5899 with questions.. leisure bay dream maker jacuzzi sundance caldera dynesty.

Hot tub and spa parts for leisure bay spas. does your broken leisure bay have you down? leisure bay spa company is out of business. replacement parts are obsolete (not made anymore)., leisure bay spas are one of the best hot tubs you will find in the market. we are giving you an overview of different aspects of these products..

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