Leigh-super-fmt-frame-mortise-and-tenon-jig-reviews, find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for leigh super fmt frame mortise and tenon jig at read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.. Accuracy and repeatability. the leigh fmt mortise and tenon jig is super fast at milling mortise and tenon joints. a little sibling to the industrially machined aluminum leigh pro fmt, this less expensive model is made out of 10 and 12 gauge bent and bolted steel., i needed a jig to cut tenon and mortises. i oped to buy the leigh super fmt jig, since it was much cheaper than the pro version. i had some major problems with the jig and after calling leigh support and explained my problem and not being able to resolve issue, i decided to buy their pro version..

Leigh’s super fmt costs about half as much as the original fmt, but matches the quality of its cuts. by tim albers jun 03, 2010 leigh industries recently debuted a new version of its fmt (frame, mortise, and tenon) jig. the super fmt works much like the original, but at $449 costs half as much., the leigh jigs super fmt mortise and tenon jig is a very nice answer to this challenge. the joints are created by using an... read this review » good jig but not perfect.

The super fmt uses just one bit, one guide and one setup for every standard joint. it’s that easy. there are no bit or guide changes to fuss with and the setup stays the same for both parts of the joint. joint fit is easily adjusted for perfect results every time. using the super fmt and optional guides & bits allows y, a tutorial about how to rout a mortise and tenon with the leigh super fmt. visit for more information. leigh woodworking tools channel is your official source for ....

With the leigh super fmt mortise & tenon jig plus a plunge router, any woodworker can easily produce the incredibly strong and versatile mortise and tenon joint with amazing speed and accuracy. the super fmt's design is based on the original and incomparable fmt pro., with the fmt pro, you can rout 68 sizes of standard inch joints from 1/16" x 1/8" up to 1/2" x 5" (79 metric, from 2 x 4 mm up to 12 x 130 mm) using 21 standard guides (24 metric) and one or two leigh bits..

All of the guides and bits used with the original are common to both jigs allowing both fmt jigs to produce a vast array of mortise and tenon sizes from unbelievably small joints to massive 5” joints. both jigs work with virtually any plunge router to produce precise, straight, double, angled and compound angled joints