Leigh-fmt-pro-frame-mortise-and-tenon-jig-overview, the fmt pro routs both the mortise and matching tenon, with just one joint guide, one router bit and one jig setup. the basic concept is simple, as shown below. the universal sub-base with your mounted router is positioned on the jig table. it has two guide pins projecting from the bottom of the base.. All of the guides and bits used with the original are common to both jigs allowing both fmt jigs to produce a vast array of mortise and tenon sizes from unbelievably small joints to massive 5” joints. both jigs work with virtually any plunge router to produce precise, straight, double, angled and compound angled joints, leigh's frame mortise tenon jig (fmt) is an industrial strength tool for easy production, and reproduction, of mortise and tenon joints in an immense variety of sizes, styles and angles..

Leigh fmt pro frame mortise & tenon jig. an fmt pro and a 1/2" plunge router (not included) can turn your shop into a mortise & tenon factory! if you're not already using mortise and tenon joinery in everything you build, this amazing jig from leigh industries might well change the way you do woodworking, just because it's so interesting to use., learn the key features of the leigh fmt pro mortise and tenon jig. visit for more information. leigh woodworking....

Owned mine for over a year now and glad i made the purchase. spent months looking at dominos and leigh offerings. tried all of the tools and jigs out and decided the for the majority of projects i will build, the fmt pro was the best choice., description. this jig produces precisely fitting single, twin, triple and even quadruple matching joint halves in standard, angled, and compound angled configurations.