Leifheit-rotaro-carpet-sweeper, the compact rotaro sweeper makes clean floors easier to keep. this cordless sweeper is quiet, using 3 rotating brushes to sweep and gather crumbs and debris off the floor. it combines a strong main brush with 2 corner sweepers to handle big messes quickly. simply empty its removable debris tray when you're finished!. Product description the up-to-the-edge rotaro s push sweeper for both carpets and hard surface floors has corner brushes that sweep along baseboards and around table legs and chairs. continuously adjustable to every carpet height, even smooth floors. collapsible handle tilts flat to reach under furniture., you're on your way to a powerful, thorough clean with this leifheit rotaro sweeper..

The leifheit rotaro carpet sweeper is ideal for low-pile rugs and carpets, but also works on hard floor surfaces as well. the sweeper has 3 brushes: one main brush and two corner brushes. a knob on the top of the sweeper allows you to adjust the height of the brushes for different carpet heights and surfaces., carpet sweeper rotaro s has a sturdy metal casing and an xl-sweeping width of 32 cm. comb for the cleaning of the brushes is included. without electricity and cable for the quick cleaning on the side with 3 sweeping brushes made of natural bristles for the cleaning up to every skirting board and edge.

This floor sweeper is designed for simplicity. with a wholly metal build it is designed to be both functional and durable, sweeping up crumbs, hair, dust and debris via 3 brushes into its metal..., the compact rotaro sweeper makes clean floors a must-have. it effectively and efficiently cleans smooth floors, tile and laminate and low-pile rungs and carpets. best of all, it does this without using any electricity. the cord-free sweeper uses rotating and sweeping technology to clean-so you have a tidy home without a loud power surge..

This compact carpet sweeper is not limited to light home duty. if excessive noise is an issue, this model is a great alternative to loud vacuum cleaners or powered sweepers for spot cleaning or emergencies. very compact and lightweight, ideal for spot cleaning and small, dry messes. performs well in picking up dog and cat hair from the carpet., classic, lightweight (5 lbs.!) manual carpet and floor sweeper for quick cleans low-pile rugs and carpet, adjustable all-natural bristle brushes adapt to carpet thickness, collapsible handle tilts flat to reach under furniture,wheel-driven corner brushes, removable debris tray for quick emptying and thread comb to efficiently remove hair and lint from brushes., refer product details for user manual..

The carpet sweeper market in the united kingdom is booming! people are moving back towards eco-friendly, quiet alternatives to noisy vacuums. but with this boom comes an influx of absolute garbage products.