Leica-soft-shutter-release, functionality and style in one within seconds, the soft-release button increases the size of the release button of your leica m-camera and makes every release easier, thus enhancing shooting comfort. as the button can also be worn on your lapel as a buttonhole badge, it is a stylish addition to both your camera and your clothing.. This 0.3" red leica soft release button for m-system cameras screws into the shutter release button's threads, and provides a larger surface area as well as a unique design. it has a painted brass finish and features the leica logo., soft release button jjc red shutter button for fuji fujifilm x-t30 x-t20 x-t10 x-t3 x-t2 x-pro1 x-pro2 x100 x100s x100t x100f x30 x20 x10 x-e3 x-e2s sony rx1r rx10 ii iii iv leica m10 m-e m-p m-a.

The soft release of q2 is a thin plastic or aluminum, not sure since it's too light and small, somehow shocked by how i could pull it off easily. and that small thing itself is also using a sticky tape to attach with q2, so be careful while removing the soft-release button on whatever camera you attached on., the soft shutter release button stays put on the leica m typ 240 with this solution. t his hole is to allow one to connect a shutter release cable, which is especially useful in preventing camera shakes for long exposure shots. what about normal exposure day-to-day shots?.

Join our mailing list. follow us twitter facebook youtube instagram tumblr. google translate, i like soft button release but since i’ve read a story of a guy who’s leica m6 entire shutter system was broken because of one of these…i don’t want to play with el diablo..

Shopping for soft shutter release buttons. many photographers choose to upgrade their cameras with soft shutter release buttons. despite the name, these "soft" buttons come from a variety of different materials, including metals and hard plastics., expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. get answers to your questions in our photography forums.. Leicas came with a screw-on collar that one would remove when using the shutter release. if you're in ukraine, you might check fsu leica style cameras and see if they have the same collar. if you can't get the precise thread specs, one option might be to procure a cable release adapter or collar of that sort.