Lego-gbc-marble-run, this is a lego gbc (great ball contraption) module. its purpose is to move the lego soccer balls and basketballs from one place to the other. this is a "archimedes machine". as the twisted tubes spin, they lift the balls up until they drop out the other side.. Planet gbc is the website i would have loved to find while starting with lego gbc. i hope you will enjoy it. if you do, do not hesitate to share its url with friends and to leave me a message”, dec 23, 2013 - explore ortelius's board "lego gbc" on pinterest. see more ideas about lego, lego technic, marble run..

The lego creator series lets your child experiment in the world that they live in. with houses, cars, planes and creatures, this is a world that is perfect for your child's imagination. the 3-in-1 building system means that each set can be rebuilt three ways, so there's no limit to the fun., the great ball contraption single stepper from [email protected] is a module which takes one’s time. the wheel at the top of this big tower is elevating and downing a plateform […]. Build great ball contraptions from existing lego sets. explore the wonderful world of great ball contraptions together with us and start engineering with our gbc c model building instructions right away!, marble machines are as much sculptures as they are toys. they rely on gravity and simple machines like wedges, levers and pulleys to work. some are single use and need reloading, while others are autonomous and reloading..

Lego marble run (via the crafty mummy) little fans of lego and marbles will have double the fun creating this inventive marble maze run. pool noodle marble run (via homespun threads) an easy and inexpensive way to make a long track marble run using noodle threads.