Lego-city-construction-yard, steal a crane and escape the construction yard with chase's final disguise in chapter 12 of our full lego city: undercover walkthrough. chase replaces a goon from rex fury's gang -- this time,.... Pull down a ladder with your grappling hook, then break into the room above to find a dynamite dispenser. take some of the explosives back down to the silver wall below and blow it up to advance., chapter 12: the con in construction []. immediately after leaving pappalardo's, you'll need to race over to the construction yard for the next special assignment.. Construction yard - lego city undercover ost game: lego city undercover composers: simon withenshaw & suddi raval platform: wii u want to download as an mp3 file? here are two converter websites ..., this video is unavailable. watch queue queue. watch queue queue.

This video is unavailable. watch queue queue. watch queue queue, in the upper right corner of the area there is a color changer. use the blue color to paint the ladder. walk up the ladder. under the orange object you will find will miles token.there you will also find a larger pile of bricks (1/3).you can destroy it and rebuild it in order to later get a piece of shield.the remaining piles of bricks can be found: one is above the "scrapyard" - bottom right ....

This is chapter 12 of my lego city undercover playthrough. this chapter is called 'the con in construction'. with a new information on rex fury, chase heads off to the construction yard. he must..., now that we have all of the characters and abilities it's time to go back to each of the 15 assignment stages and complete them 100%. to make this more organized i am using a file that played .... Watch as brian plays through the newly re-released lego city undercover on the nintendo switch! join us as chase mccain tries to take down rex fury and his massive squad of goons!