Lee Daniels Talks Falling In Love With A Girl And Fearing His Father’s Wrath Before Finding Hollywood Success [VIDEO]

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Lee Daniels Says He Suppressed Being Gay Until College When He Thought He Fell In Love With A Woman

From age 5, Lee Daniels knew he was different from the other kids in his rough West Philadelphia neighborhood. He went down a self-destructive path as a young man, but taking in his young niece and nephew forced him to clean up his act. A chance encounter with a Warner Brothers producer allowed Daniels to break into show business. He tells “Breaking Big” host Carlos Watson that embracing being black and gay – qualities that once made him feel like an outsider – molded his successful directing career that includes such monster hits as “Precious,” “The Butler” and “Empire.”

Academy Award-Winning Director Lee Daniels’ episode of PBS’ Breaking Big, airing TONIGHT at 8:30PM ET. Lee’s episode focuses on his break into show business and the hardships he had to deal with at the start of his career. The clip features Lee’s college years before Hollywood and opening up about his sexuality and his family life.

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