Last Night’s The Expanse Was a Fantastic Example of Why Canceling It Was So Dumb

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Prax (Terry Chen) and Amos (Wes Chatham) are BFFs now.
Photo: Rafy (Syfy)

Earlier this week, we learned that Syfy wouldn’t be bringing The Expanse back for a fourth season. That’s frustrating as hell, especially when the show is consistently delivering such kick-ass, game-changing episodes. Like, for instance, this week’s absolutely jaw-dropping “Immolation.”

We open on Earth, where the Head Bobblehead of the United Nations (really, the Secretary-General… but we prefer Avasarala’s private nickname for Sorrento-Gillis) is blustering over what’s going on around Io—specifically aboard the non-responsive UNN Agatha King, which has been firing upon other Earth ships (thanks, Admiral Nguyen) and is about to have a very close encounter with a protomolecule pod (ditto). His blustering continues when Anna confronts him—first with the memory of a protest they participated in years ago that he allowed to turn tragic, and then with the evidence, provided by Avasarala, that Errinwright is the source of the massive lie that started the Earth-Mars war in the first place.

“I walked away once… but this time, you’re going to do the right thing,” she insists. Errinwright is soon taken into custody and charged with treason, but he smirks as he’s led away. There’s no way that corrupt supervillain is going down without a fight—for all we know, he’s probably got a dastardly Plan B already in play.

Fool me twice, shame on me.
Photo: Rafy (Syfy)

Meanwhile, above Io, Alex is trying to shoot down the Mars-bound, stealth tech-enabled hybrid pods, but it’s a huge job and the Roci doesn’t have enough ammo. What’s more, Alex and Naomi tell a horrified Avasarala that one of the pods has already hit the Agatha King, which means the ship is most certainly doomed. This is confirmed when we see Cotyar, still shackled to his hospital bed, help an Agatha King crew member annihilate a protomolecule-crazed cohort. Unfortunately, she’s infected, too, as are the very walls of the ship, which are splattered with patches of that familiar blue goo.

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