L-Vis 1990 & Mista Silva Drops ’80s-Inspired “121” Video

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Back in October, we had the pleasure of meeting L-Vis 1990 and Mista Silva. They were just wrapping a long day of shooting a top secret music video in Berlin for one of their tracks on L-Vis 1990’s 12 Thousand Nights mixtape – a journey through the U.K. underground with a distinct pop sensibility. We got to chat all about their collaboration and their individual comeups When we were offered the exclusive on the official music video for “121” – the very same video that they shot that day – we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Both the song itself and its accompanying visuals are a nod to the ’80s. As L-Vis 1990 puts it: “I’ve always had a soft spot for my birth decade, that definitely comes through in this track and the video subtly winks to that era too. We wanted it to feel like a montage sequence from a John Landis or John Hughes movie, where Silva is the Hollywood star.”

Check out the video for “121” above, and revisit 12 Thousand Nights below.

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