Kitten yoga in NYC unleashes a torrent of cute alongside your downward-facing dog

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For the May 17 class, you must follow Best Friends on Instagram (@bfas__ny) and comment on its kitten yoga post by Wednesday (April 18). If you tag a friend, you’ll be entered into the drawing twice. Only nine people will win entry to the first class.

If you win, you’ll hang out with the cats and their caretakers at the organization’s center in SoHo and learn about its kitten nursery.

Every day, staff and volunteers nurse orphaned newborn kittens, which are under 2 months old and weigh less than 2 pounds, and take care of nursing mothers and their kittens, too.

It’s a big endeavor, according to the organization. The workload of taking in kittens between February and November — when cat populations soar — almost immediately outweighs what staff at most shelters can handle because of a lack of resources, which puts kittens at risk of dying.

Newborn kittens need to be bottle-fed every two hours and they’re usually weeks away from spaying/neutering and adoption.

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