Karela Juice For Weight Loss: What Makes It A Perfect Drink To Burn Fat

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Bitter gourd is low in calories

3. Rich in Fibre: Bitter gourd is rich in soluble fibres. It is said the the fibre in bitter gourd pods amounts to 10 percent of recommended daily value intake. Fibre-rich foods induce the feeling of fullness. Since fibre takes long to digest, you feel full for a longer span and tend to binge less. Bitter gourd is also filling because it is high in water – about 89 to 94 percent of its weight is just water, which also makes it an excellent summer vegetable. How To Make Karela Juice For Weight Loss

Karela juice is very easy to prepare and requires bare minimum ingredients. If it gets too bitter for your palate, you can mix it with some other fruit juice, too. 

Peel the bitter gourd with the help of a knife. Slice the bitter gourd to the centre. Once you are done slicing, scoop out the white flesh and the seeds of the vegetable.Now, take the bitter gourd and cut them into tiny pieces. Soak the pieces in cold water for about 30 minutes. Add bitter gourd pieces to a juicer and add half teaspoon salt and lemon juice. Blend the ingredients well till you get a fine consistency.

Quick Tip : To reduce the bitterness of the drink, add some honey or jaggery to it, or pair it with sweet fruits like apple or pears. You can even add lemon juice to lessen the harsh taste of bitter gourd juice. A pinch of black pepper and ginger can also decrease the tartness and make it more palatable. So, what are you waiting for? Start loading up on the weight loss beverage already. 

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