Justin Bieber Has Finally Revealed His New Face Tattoo

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He has a meaningful word tatted over his eyebrow.

Justin Bieber has been keeping his newest face tattoo quite secret from fans and from the paparazzi. Fans have been discussing the matter amongst themselves, attempting to guess what the singer’s tattoo is — ever since it was hinted at being a couple’s tattoo. Today, the Daily Mail reports that the tattoo has finally been identified. The famous celebrity and pop musician had been keeping the tattoo under wraps since November, leaving fans with only guesses — and anticipation of a reveal.

The tattoo is a scroll that rests above Justin Bieber’s eyebrow. Fans are finally in on the big secret, which is that the tattoo reads the word “grace” in cursive scroll — and is located above his right eyebrow.

The image that was divulged to the public was shared by celebrity tattoo artist Jonboy on Tuesday. The image released shows Justin Bieber’s face, where the word “grace” can be read on the 24-year-old pop star’s brow. Jonboy shared the post on social media, captioning the picture.

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