JPMorgan sees outsized growth for Weight Watchers as it adds influencers like Oprah

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But partnerships with other social media influencers like DJ Khaled, chef Eric Greenspan and comedian Kevin Smith are key to growing its customer base, Ms Brathwaite notes.

Weight Watchers has tapped these influencers to share information about their “journey” to weight loss and improving their health, rather than go with more traditional marketing showing before and after pictures to drive engagement. But she notes that about 90 per cent of the membership is now female and views “stronger penetration among men as a key opportunity for continued new member growth going forward”.

With JPMorgan’s recommendation, Weight Watcher’s bull camp on Wall Street swelled to eight, while the stock has two “hold” ratings and no “sell” ratings.

Tuesday’s advance helped push Weight Watchers’ year-to-date gains to more than 111 per cent.

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