Josie Gibson shows off her post-baby body in INCREDIBLE photos

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Josie Gibson shows off her post-baby body in INCREDIBLE photos | Closer


New mum Josie Gibson shares her baby joy and pictures of baby Reggie

When we last caught up with Josie Gibson she was almost eight months pregnant and looking forward to her baby shower, but just a week later her whole world changed when her little boy – Reggie James – arrived into the world four weeks early.

And Reggie’s arrival wasn’t the smoothest – after an emergency C-section he spent a week in neonatal care – but he is now home with Josie and her partner Terry, 49, and they couldn’t be happier.

“We’re settling down and all is brilliant. I can’t imagine life without him now,” she smiles. “I stare at him all the time and then realise two hours have passed. Nobody prepares you for how much you’ll love them. It’s an amazing feeling.”

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Josie, 33, made no secret of her weight battles during pregnancy. The former Big Brother star famously lost six stone in 2012, dropping from a size 20 to a size 8 through healthy eating and regular workouts.

However, Josie admits to ‘completely relaxing’ her diet after getting together with Terry last summer, and says only part of her weight gain was down to her pregnancy.

“Terry jokes that he needed to fatten me up so I don’t run off! But I’ve put on a lot of weight since I’ve been with him because you get comfortable, we love eating together. And while I was pregnant, I was eating for two and Terry was eating for about five! Just before I gave birth, his beer belly was bigger than my pregnant belly.”

Now that Reggie is here, Josie – who is breastfeeding – admits she’s pretty sure she’d gained more weight because she’s always hungry.

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She says: “I’m so hungry and thirsty while breastfeeding so I’m snacking all the time. I cook nice healthy meals from scratch but snacking is my downfall – the other day I ate a whole packet of biscuits.”

But while she is still in the six week recovery period after her C-section, Josie is planning on shaping up once she has the go-ahead from her doctor.

“I do need to get the weight off as I’ve noticed I’m getting pain in my knee joints, so when I can, I’ll go for it properly. I’m aiming for a size 12, when I’m less than a 12, I’ve got to put so much work into it and it’s not worth it. With having a little one I want to be realistic.”

And Josie – who before having Reggie said she only wanted one child – says one of her main motivations is to be a fit mum.

“I certainly don’t care about looking good in a bikini or anything, I just want to be fit and healthy for him.”

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