Jon Hamm’s Comments About Mental Health Show These Issues Aren’t Something You “Just Deal With”

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For a long time, I believed that true strength simply meant barreling through whatever problems you encountered. Hurt your leg during a soccer game? Shake it off. Get negative feedback on a research paper? Power through. Luckily, I’ve since come to appreciate the importance of truly caring for myself, both my body and my mind. So when I heard Jon Hamm’s comment about mental health in a recent interview he did, I was grateful for the way in which he so clearly articulated the fact that taking care of your mind is just as crucial as taking care of your physical body.

Many people still don’t seem to recognize that mental health issues, like any kind of physical health ailments, are serious and need the same type of attention, which is exactly what Hamm was getting at in a recent interview on the show In Depth with Graham Bensinger. “People think if you break your ankle, you’re not expected to just walk it off,” he said. “But if your brain chemistry is somehow a little tweaked, you’re somehow expected to just deal with it.”

After Hamm’s father passed away while he was in college, the Mad Men actor explained in the interview that he began to feel less like his usual self, and that he had a hard time leaving the house. But, at his sister’s urging, he sought professional help. Speaking with a therapist and getting on medication for his depression, he told Bensinger, made a huge difference in his life.

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