Jeff Goldblum’s Hat Is More Divisive Than Brexit

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Friends, we live in divided times. Brexit has split Britain. Trump has turned America into two tribes. Then there was that blue or black dress thing.

Now, partisanship has extended to even arguable the most universally loved guy of them all: Jeff Goldblum.

Or more specifically, his choice of headgear. While doing the autograph trail at LAX Airport, the Jurassic Park star wore perhaps the most divisive hat there is: the pork pie.

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SMXRF/Star Max

Beloved by both ska aficionados and that guy at house parties who insists on bringing an acoustic guitar, the pork pie hat is the ultimate in ‘cool guy’ clobber – which of course means it’s usually the very opposite. See also: ‘OMG we’re so random’-era Taylor Swift, and the jaunty angles of mid-noughties Justin Timberlake, and shudder.

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